Posted on: May 18, 2009 12:43 pm

Al Davis Did Something Right!!!

We Raiders fans scrutinize Al Davis on a near hourly basis, and I think rightfully so after what we've seen what we've seen over these past few years. However, I was staring at this very screen when it was blank and something had dawned on me that nearly took me by surprise the more I thought about it and the more it sunk it. Al Davis was right about something! What you might ask? Well what I'm refering to is the firing of Lane Kiffin. We never really got to see what kind of coach Kiffin would have been due to his extremely early departure, but now were seeing what kind of coach he is at Tennessee and how much of a circus show this guy runs, and this is all before the season begins mind you. I'll give you 3 brief examples of what I'm talking about:

1)Calls out Florida for recruiting violations: Other sports analysts said that this was a good thing to spark up that rivalry, but I look at it as a stupid move. Anyone who reads this knows that Florida will run through Tennessee like a wet paper bag and once Kiffin realizes that there won't be no more rivalry simply because he'll have to keep his mouth shut. That would have been like the Raiders calling out the Patriots.

2)Multiple Recruiting Violations: After a week of accusing Urban Meyer he was cheating, multiple charges surfaced of Lane Kiffins violations. Tad bit ironic

3)Mass Exodus: Last I looked I saw a double figure amount of players transfering out of Tennessee after a few practices with Kiffin. I'm almost positive I remember seeing that.

So when I look at it I thinks it's obvious to us all that we were not seeing what Al Davis was seeing. Moving on with Tom Cable could be what the franchise needs, but who knows? We have to wait out for the season to be sure of that. But what I do know, or atleast in my eyes, firing Lane Kiffin was one of the best moves Al has done in a while.

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